Extrawheel Single Wheel Bicycle Trailer

The Worlds lightest One-Wheel Bicycle Trailer

We Thank The Community for the New Model "Voyager"


Extrawheel – the world’s only bicycle trailer with a large wheel which constitutes a spare wheel was warmly welcomed on all continents in 2006. The new model - Voyager – was completely redesigned thanks to great feedback from the community. Thanks also for the comments on Internet forums.

Lightest Trailer in the World

Voyager is a complete redesign with only 2 major parts left. Fork & Frame.

It can carry more than Classic, it is lighter, more stable, more comfortable, shorter and much more resistant to damage.

The frame is a universal mount so it will also carry baskets, backpacks and suitcases.

Discover Voyager Trailer


World Records

We are proud that the Extrawheel is the choice of most recent world record achievements.


The Andes. The world’s highest bicycle ascent with a trailer – the Aucanquilcha mountain top - 6176 m above sea level. The brothers Marek and Pawel made a film with a few scenes.


Australia. The only successful attempt to do the Canning Stock Route (CSR), which crosses three deserts, by bicycle. For the completion of that feat Jakub was awarded with the “Kolos” prize for the Feat of the Year.


Show What You Can Do

Ryan and Dylan on their "Surfing Indonesia by Bicycle" trip send us photos.

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