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Mount to Bicycles with Quick Release

Extrawheel Quick ReleaseYour rear hub is equipped with a quick release lock. All you have to do is exchange the quick release...


Mount to Bicycles with Nuts

Extrawheel NutYour rear hub is tightened with nuts. Please measure the thread of the nuts and order the correct size with your trailer...


Mount to Bicycles with Special Hubs (Rohloff)

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Extrawheel Nut for Rohloff HubYou have a special hub like a Rohloff. Please look for a place as near as possible to your hub axle where you can mount our M5 nuts...


Adjust The Fork

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extrawheel_3_cmOnce you have the Extrawheel Quick Release or nuts mounted please take the fork and put it over one nut. The other end of the fork should now just touch the base of the other nut...


Fasten the Fork

Tighten Extrawheel Fork ScrewsOnce you have made sure that the fork has the correct width please check the tightness of the screw. Use the enclosed wrench for this.


Connect Fork to Trailer Frame

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Attach Extrawheel Fork to FrameIt is advisable to attach the fork to the trailer frame first.

Then in a second step attach the fork to the bicycle


Loading the Trailer

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Balancing StonesWhile Packing put heavy things as low as possible and in front. Make sure that the left and right sight receive the same weight.

Please do yourself a favour and do not exceed the load of 35 kg.


The Big No No's

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Steep Descent with Extrawheel TrailerDo not

-Exceed the speed of 40 km/h while riding downhill
-Carry People or Animals on the trailer
-Overload the trailer

Everything else should be fine. Please let us know if you find some other No No's.


Trailer Service

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Cleaning the Extrawheel bushesClean the fork bearings and ball-shaped joints. Lubricate and protect them against impact. That's all.


Protect Extrawheel Nuts

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Protect the Extrawheel Nuts with the Rubber CoversDo yourself a favour and protect the nuts when ever you don't have the trailer attached.
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