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Extrawheel's patent is a mobile billboard that is towed behind a bicycle. This creative advertising product gives you a huge return for your investment, especially when compared to more traditional and expensive marketing techniques. Extrawheel's can go anywhere your bike can and therefore is a very flexible form of advertising. It is a practical and cheap banner that is suitable for any company. Once you have made the initial purchase you can start advertising your company straight away without having to pay for its exposure. Watch the film to see how is work.



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Extrawheel's mobile billboard reaches out straight into the public. Eye-catching and unique, your company's ad campaign will become visible and have an immediate impact.

  • Ultra portable, Extrawheel's mobile billboard can be used in numerous locations in a single day
  • Allows you to have direct conversation with your target audience
  • It works for any journey - cycling to the shops or even on your way into work
  • And when the cyclist has to rest your mobile billboard keeps on working


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Comfortable possibility of banner change in two formats:
• Standard - 100 x 70 cm
• Long - 140 x 70 cm
Occupies little space and can be attached to a bicycle in no time


Three Approaches to Graphics

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Extrawheel Frame
Block-out type banner

A popular Block-Out type banner:
• the greatest resistance to weather conditions
• easy handling
• higher printing costs than the board and transparent sheet options

A board (e.g. PVC) with holes cut around the edges onto which an ordinary poster is stuck (with two-sided adhesive tape or wallpaper glue):
• low printing cost
• poor resistance to weather conditions

Two sheets of transparent material stuck together. An ordinary poster is then inserted through the upper, opening edge. This option is available in Extrawheel's shop:
The optimum solution which combines the advantages of both the aforementioned approaches:
• inexpensive poster printing
• high resistance to weather conditions
• version Standard - poster 96 x 66 cm, version Long - poster 136 x 66 cm

Extrawheel - Mobile Billboard trailer!

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