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Extrawheel Voyager with Panniers

Extrawheel Voyager Single Wheel Bicycle Trailer


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June 2009 we equipped Dylan and Ryan for their bicycle expedition through Indonesia. They had a bicycle trailer that immediatley caught my eye as mechanical engineer. A standard wheel with mudguard and panniers that was connected to the rear wheel with an ingenious linckage.
Their intense search for the perfect bicycle touring trailer had led them to the Extrawheel Voyager.

My internet research returned exactly what they raved about: The lightest and most versatile trailer in the world with almost everybody endorsing it in the forums. Here a few highlights:

  • With 3 kg (2.15 kg without wheel) the lightest single wheel trailer in the world
  • Packs small. If your bike bags fits a spare wheel it fits the Extrawheel Voyager. No extra hazzles with flying to your destination
  • Less Drag than with front panniers (see Russ's comment at the bottom)
  • Less rolling resistance by using a large standard wheel
  • Reduces the load on the Bicycle and on the front wheel. Easier to steer and added security on soft ground
  • Can be used with any pannier, rack or wheel. Your freedom to put your dream setup together.
  • Always a spare tyre with you

The Frame

Extrawheel Frame
One Part, 100% Reliability Guaranteed
Not a single moving part. The ultimate in reliability. Designed to accomodate any form of pannier, bag, suitcase, boogie board, ...

Touring, Commuting, Full Suspension MTB, Road Cycling trainer, Picknick trailer. You decide and you can change it at any given time.


The Fork

Extrawheel Fork
3 sec, Tool Free, Attach or Detach Your Trailer
The heart of the Trailer. It attaches the frame to your bicycle.

It takes it's stability and durability out of being loaded like a spring. All you do is pull the fork apart and flip it over the quick release lock of the rear weel.



The Wheel

Extrawheel Trailer with 3 different WheelsTouring, MTB or Road cycle wheel.

Use the exact same wheel you have as front wheel.

Fits wheels up to 2.3" width (and 28" size).


The Mudguard

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Extrawheel MudguardEvery Trailer comes with a standard mudguard.

It fits wheels up to 28".


The Quick Release Lock

Extrawheel Quick Release LockReplace quick release lock in your rear hub with the Extrawheel QR. The fork fits on the ends of this lock.

Now attaching the trailer means putting the fork over the lock ends and you have attached the trailer.

That's as convenient as it can get..

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